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Sent by my Loving Sistar whom I had the honor of assisting...I Love my Work!

This is a letter to fully recommend Nova Kafele as a birth worker and also a statement of appreciation and recognition for her great works in assisting my child’s birth into this world. As soon as the time of the birth came she was ready and present. She arrived as soon as the contraction began to transfer into a heavier stage , and she was living over an hour away from me. I accredit her for her dedication in arriving to me on time. She came right in and helped with literally EVERYTHING that needed to be done. And in a world full of tribulations it is an honor to right this letter , as I consider her to be a treasure , without exaggeration, she is a gem. This was the birth of my second son who we named , Selassie Ra Delali Akwasi Tutu Anani Shabaka. This was also my second home birth. During my first birth I labored mostly alone at home and some with my husband who was supportive, and who delivered the baby. After the baby was born a Doula arrived and helped deliver the placenta. Therefore this was a different birth for me in which a sister , mother and Birth worker was present for most of the heavy labor and the birth of the child. Nova’s willingness to help me was a joyous part of the painful and spiritual high experience of giving birth. Prior to her arriving we had been working all day to finalize the children’s rooms and prepare the space to give birth as always I was doing more than needed. She came in and finished all the arranging needed including folding the cloths and mopping the floor as we prepared for birth those things may not come on the resume but it was a blessing that day. She then helped to assemble an altar with myself and my King Man, as we took sacred statues and stones and pictures we all gathered. She secured my water supply and also gave me the needed tea/tincture including red raspberry and other herbs. As the contractions continued I was happy to have that hand to hold in the clean and prepared space she had assisted so much to prepare. She helped me go bath before I was unable to move. As my body began to move closer and closer to giving birth she was again amazing offering the comfortable companionship that a woman looks for in this time, a nurse, a queen , a goddess there are many words for her she was all that and more. Once the son came out my King Man delivered him and she was of great assistance throughout that whole process. She was also of great assistance in a safe and easy and soothing delivery of the placenta. I can not record every detail but I acclaim that she gave the necessary reassurance and strength as well as knowledge to help me get through the process. I highly recommend her again. I also would like to notate that she steamed me after the birth which was a healing experience to the fullest. It was entirely a healing and cleansing process. She as stated above also gave me the necessary herbs to assist with my healing including red raspberry and alfalfa. She was and is amazing. The stem helped to remove the afterbirth! The process was great just as the birth and my son now is.



Naja Rabena Nkrabia


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