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Het Heru Goddess of Beauty, Childbirth, Ecstasy, Relationship & Divine Union and Feminine Adoration. She is in us and we can learn how to invoke her presence in every aspect of our lives.

Nuk Pu Het Heru - "I AM HET HERU!"


Please inquire within regarding enrollment in our Womb Awakening Level 1 HET HERU for Personal Care Online Courses scheduled for:


Awakening the Goddess Within; Level 1 -  6 Weeks Online Training 2024 Schedule

January 10, 2024

February 14, 2024

March 20, 2024

April 10, 2024

May 1, 2024

June 12, 2024

July 24, 2024

August 28, 2024

October 9, 2024

November 20, 2024

We recommend that anyone pursuing Yoni Steaming as a business become certified through a certification program because of the physical, spiritual safety and intimate psychological concerns involved. It is for the protection, safety and best interest of the client that the practitioner is competent and confident prior and during any womb services administration. Spiritually based healing modalities will not be exploited or manipulated or perceived to be utilized as a trend or be devalued in any manner. 

Our ANKHestors and Spirit guides came together as groups of Sacred healing women, Medicine Women, and Our Sisters Keepers. It is your duty to maintain the integrity of the purpose and principles of this healing practice. Remember to Value, Protect and Serve in the balance, compassion and order of NTRS HET HERU and MAAT. 

Certification Levels


The Self Care "Awakening the Goddess Within" Yoni Steam Certification is designed for the Womban who is on her path to inner standing womb wellness. She desires to know more about womb trauma & release and what it means to truly awaken her divine feminine attributes, what we term as "Awakening the Goddess Within".

*Curriculum is offered in person and online. For online students instruction will be administered online and required textbooks and materials will be shipped to your home. 


Learn the Art and Origin of Yoni Steaming


Introduction to Womb Anatomy

What is Womb Trauma?

Fibroid Tumor Exploration

Learn the Art of Yoni Steam and various forms of Womb conditions, disease, and cleanse

Herbal Study

Womb Breathing

Raising a Spiritual Womb Altar

Learn Self Application of a personal Yoni Steam; infusion preparation; safety precautions

Learn Self Womb Massage

Breast massage & Lymphatic drainage

Nutrition & Detox study to detoxify the Liver and Womb detoxifying toxic waste from the body

Learn medicinal stone healing and self application, care and safety of the Yoni Egg

Meditations and Affirmations to assist the release of toxic thoughts & energy in the body

Certification Requirements

Womb Consultation

Report (Womb Bio-graphy) What led you to and why are you pursuing Womb Self-Care?

Demonstrate knowledge of preparing womb steam infusion

The Level I Self Care for Personal Care Student will demonstrate knowledge of self administering her own Yoni Steam Components

Introduction to Womb Yoga

Womb Anatomy Sketch

Participation via response concerning discussions, regarding videos, hand-outs, and curriculum discussion

Written assignments

Final Exam


The Level II Yoni Steam Practitioner training is for those Womben who desire to utilize their knowledge and experience gained through Level I Self Care in Level II to commence their own business offering the

Yoni Steam Self Care Trainings and various healing techniques. ***REQUIREMENT: After completing Level 1 Awakening the Goddess Within Training and student has worked with themselves for 6 months they are welcome to matriculate to Level II; Feminine Wellness Practitioner for a Business Training.

*Students will receive curriculum and textbooks at time of enrollment. *Practitioner Certification MUST be instructed in person only. (Due to COVID-19; this course will be offered online only and with practicums to be demonstrated online as arranged with instructor). Course duration; 12 weeks.


Womb Anatomy & Physiology/Endocrinology

Diseases and conditions of the Womb


Generational Womb Trauma

Introduction to Womb Metaphysics

Introduction to Kemetic Reiki

Introduction to Sound Therapy

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Effective Womb Consultation review and implementation

Learn PPE, Safety and Hygiene practices concerning administering Herbal Yoni Steaming to others

Learn the art of Yoni Steaming and various healing techniques as it relates to client/practitioner relationship

Learn different Steaming Styles & Techniques

Womb Effleurage

Become proficient to offer Womb Yoga for womb health purposes

Learn Fundamental Ideals and Postures of Tantric Yoga

Student knowledge of Womb Yoga poses demonstration

Become proficient in Womb Massage & Stimulation, Womb Wrapping, Crystal Therapy and Yoni Egg application as it relates to the clients needs

Extensive Herbal Study; recipes and blends, teas and infusions

After Hysterectomy & The Feminine Psyche

Postpartum Steam; safety, timeline in which to administer after birth, proper herbs; managing and eradicating emotion, fatigue, anxiety and depression

Receive education regarding Yoni Steaming as a Business, business structure, business forms, marketing/promotion, product development, branding and trademarks, financial forecasts and investment strategies. 

Certification Requirements


Explanation as to "Why I Desire to Become a Yoni Steam Practitioner" (500 words or more)

Submit 5 Personal References within 30 days of enrollment of the program

Report on condition or disease of the womb; (2 1/2 page minimum)

Complete and submit 2 book reports. Reports MUST be womb related, i.e., womb power, anatomy, birthing, cleansing, womb magic.

5 Womb Interviews/Testimonies

15 Steams required to satisfy Certification Requirements

Field trip, (TBD)


Level I Certified Yoni Steam Instructor 


After completion of one year as a Certified Practitioner and 15 client steaming sessions you will become eligible to participate in the Yoni Steaming for Self Care Instructor of a Sacred Order System.

Become a Priestess - Instructor, in the Healing Art of the Yoni Steam by becoming a keeper of the Sacred Herbal Steam Practice and all ordinances thereof. Those Practitioners interested in becoming a Priestess MUST have completed Levels I, and II and the requirements thereof. The Yoni Steam Priestess is able to conduct, proctor and instruct "Awakening the Goddess Within" for Level I for Self Care Trainings.

Certification Requirements

Please inquire within regarding certification requirements due to the sacred secret order and nature of the practices and activities involved.

Continuing Courses and Education: is required throughout affiliation with Starlilly Feminine Wellness. It is our recommendation that education continue concerning healing modalities of the womb, I.e., fibroid study research, menopause, sound therapy, aspects of alternative medicine, nutrition, reiki, herbal study, etc.

Starlilly Level 2 Practitioner Training 

Starlilly's Practitioner Training is so amazingly powerful as students take their precious moments to study, research, assess, discuss, demonstrate and apply information & techniques learned through their Level 2 Trainings. Becoming a certified Yoni Steam Practitioner means that individual has accepted responsibility for women's womb care and administering healing practices as a business yet more importantly to bring balance and restoration to Mama Earth through sacred womb practices using the Virtues & Laws of MAAT.

Sis Nova & Practitioners at Work

Winter Online Training 2021

Beautiful Sisters Raising HET HERU's Altar Celebration. What a beautiful and powerful night it was among us 4. Sis Brittany attended in person bringing flowers as offering to HET HERU and made the ceremony even more special than it already was intended to be. They have all matriculated and received their certificates and Eye AM extremely proud of them all. 

Winter 2021 Online Training 

Congratulations Spring 2022 Graduates! 

Together we entered the Gateway of HET HERU & evolved in ways we never imagined. It's all about growing, supporting one another and loving each other! Sisters for life! So grateful for this loving group of beautiful women. More pictures to come.....

Level 1 for Self Care Online Training


Director & Owner: Iye Omitola Ogunsina

Instructor: Mama Nova Burch

6 Week Online Certification Training

Holistic Birth Doula Training

January 21, 2023 through March 9, 2023

Postpartum Training

March 15, 2023 through May 3, 2023

Inquire within or visit:

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