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Sallasie RA TuTu

Do you know that you are special? If you are reading this book that means you are especially special. How can you tell that you are special? Each time you look into a mirror and smile there is a special someone looking back at you, it’s you!


This story is about the birth of a very special boy name Salassie RA TuTu.

The day that Salassie RA TuTu was born was exciting and amazing night for all who witnessed his birth.


His Mommy called me and said she felt the baby coming. I got my things and dashed out of the door so I would not miss his arrival. She told me that she and his Daddy had been cleaning and preparing the house for his arrival. Lots of sweeping, mopping and washing clothes, shifting things around all for Salassie. He would be born at home so his parents had to make a fuss to make sure everything was just right for when he came.


When I arrived Salassie’s home smelled so good. His Daddy has a pot of Ital stew on the stove and Mama was folding and I began to help her. Kwame, his big brother was in bed but not yet asleep. His big beautiful smile was filled with excitement but after a short time he fell asleep.


Meanwhile, I put lemongrass and clary sage oils all around after tidying the bathroom so when Salassie RA Tutu’s Mama used it she would feel calm and smell nice smells. As soon as I was done she told me she felt that baby Salassie was coming so we all, Daddy, Mama & I set up your birthing area which was right in their bedroom.


Before we all knew it Mama’s laboring became stronger and stronger and the contraction rushes lasted longer and longer. Daddy was near by in the living room sitting in his favorite chair playing his flute. Daddy knew Salassie’s planetary coordinates and predicted about when he would come. He continued to play a beautiful melodic melody that ushered their beautiful baby boy in. Salassie could hear his Daddy’s flute and his soul knew exactly where to land.


By this time Mama was putting up with a lot of pain. She was easy, she was calm but the rushes and pain became stronger and stronger. This went on for a few hours until finally, Mama was ready to push Salassie through. I sat behind Mama to comfort her letting her know she was doing a good job and keeping her in her flow when all of a sudden a tiny little mouse showed his head and then his entire body from under the dresser. I did not want to alarm Mama because she may have been scared. The little mouse sat there without as much as a peep as if he was watching us.


It all seemed as if it were a dream when Salassie RA TuTu appeared. It all happened so fast and Daddy was right there to catch their beloved baby boy. I turned my head to look for the tiny mouse and he was gone.


Later, after Salassie was settled in his Mommy’s arms I told Mommy & Daddy what I saw. Daddy was alarmed and told me that I should have said something and I told him that I did not want to make Mommy scared. (Sometimes women are afraid of mice). Mommy agreed and we all had a perfect thought. That thought was that mouse represented an ancestor of Salassie RA TuTu’s Family. Ancestors are spirits of the love ones who lived before us who are no longer alive on earth. Animals or insects will show themselves as witnesses of special events such as a birth, wedding or crossing.


After Mama had a rest she gave you your milk and you went sound to sleep. The birds chirped, the wind danced, brother Kwame played his drum and Daddy cooked more food. The whole house was happy and sound and the world couldn’t wait for Salassie to start to grow into a strong Warrior King.


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