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Steaming creates harmony within the soul and balances the hormones and the senses. When a womban steams she has no choice but to dialog with her womb! "Accessing & healing stored unconscious emotion, science is now discovering that more neurons fire in our bellies then our actual brain. There are in fact 72,000 nerve endings in our bellies; Where as only 50,000 are found within the brain. In Chinese medicine the small intestine (part of the womb circuit) is the place that stores the deeper emotional issues from our hearts and in Tibetan medicine it is the center for affection and bonding." From the book, Womb Wisdom Awakening the Creative & Forgotten Powers of the Feminine by Padma & Anaiya Aon Prakasha.

Day 7 After Birth Steaming Available


Yoni steaming is a ancient cultural healing practice for women. This healing art can be traced as far back as Our Indigenous Grandmothers here on Turtle Island America's & Kemet/Egypt,. Yoni Steaming continues to be practiced in our modern times in countries from Senegal to Haiti, South America and the U.S. Yoni steaming channeled down throughout time serving as a feminine healing tradition reaching such indigenous cultures of the Mayans, Incas, Suriname and regions of Asia.

In Kemet/Egypt women would steam over gum pots of frankincense and myrrh especially after childbirth which in turn helped deliver the after birth from a woman's womb. Presently, women all over the world, we are discovering, have practiced or are presently practicing Yoni steaming in some shape or form. Normally when a woman steams her vaginal area she squats or sits over an herbal infusion, that means herbs that have been prepared for her specific issue/s and added to hot water to the herbs and then she aligns her bottom over the throne or pot. This posture helps the reproductive system receive the healing benefits of the herbs & vapors which reach the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes as well as the anus.  

Yoni in Sanskrit means vagina and both the male and woman reproductive system is highly regarded and spiritually revered. Here in the U.S. many women are discovering the importance of vaginal steaming for its successful healing properties. With all of what we as humans have to contend with concerning our diets, stress, pollution, dysfunctional relationships, etc. this all in turn create trauma in the body. One horrific aspect of trauma that women experience is after learning that she has enlarged fibroid cysts that requires a hysterectomy. Hysterectomies are big business in this country as the medical industry devalues the woman's uterus but values her cells for when you research one will find that there is an unspoken agenda which is against women yet the need to use our womb tissues is what is valued.

The key component of Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness Retreat Spa Ministries is that our practices are administered through the energy and respect of MAAT which is the Kemetic NTR or divine aspect for truth, order, righteousness, balance, justice, compassion and balance. This is what our wombs must return to! Be informed that when you receive steaming services that the spiritual must connect with the physical for the womb is where all life, creativity and thought begin.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

The healing benefits of Yoni Steaming in combination of drinking herbal teas are many. Feel free to peruse the list to see where you & your womb can benefit.

Improve Vaginal Dryness

Balance Hormones/Endocrine Functions


Increase Uterine Circulation

Expel Parasites Overgrowth

Promotes Weight Loss

Relieves Mucus

Relieves Excess Menstrual Bleeding

Tones & Strengthens Uterine Ligaments and Muscles

Increases Vitamin Absorption in Tissues

Promotes Stress Release

Regain Sacred Sense of Self

Shrinks and or eradicates Fibroids tumors & cysts

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome


Excessive Bleeding

Irregular Menstrual Cycles & Bleeding

Scanty Menses

Fertility Issues

Decrease of Inflammation and Pain

Prevent the Squandering of Personal Gifts

Body/vaginal Odor

Hot Flash and Headache Relief

*Cut Ties to Generational and Emotional Trauma

Services Provided

Womb Consultation

Yoni/Vaginal Herbal Steaming

After Birth Steaming

Yoni Smudging

Goddess Affirmations



Foot Detox Herbal Bath

Womb & Couples Reiki

warrior Prostate Steam/Smudge and Care

Menarch Moon Cycle Ceremony ages 9-18

Crystal Grid Therapy

Womb Clay and Prostate Detox

Goddess Gatherings/ Steaming Circles

Workshop Retreat Classes to learn how to steam correctly in the privacy of your own home

Certificate courses

Seminars & Speaking Engagements

For Bookings:

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