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"Upholding Our Indigenous Birth & Feminine Wellness Culture"

- Rev. Nova Burch 


Reverend Nova G Burch 

Founder & CEO, Starlilly Birthing Services

Starlilly Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries

Merusuland, LLC

Hours of Operation: M-S; 24 hours/on call Traditional Midwifery/Doula Support

Feminine Wellness Consultation by appt. only:

(978) 999-2416;

Traditional Midwife

Certified Birthworker/Doula

Senior Doula Instructor 

Certified Yoni Steam Priestess & Wellness Instructor

Certified Womb Yoga Instructor

Kemetic Reiki Practitioner

Produce Purveyor/Farmer




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My name is Rev. Nova Burch, owner of Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries - Starlilly Birthing Services which are subsiduraries of Merusuland, LLC. We serve multiple purposes using indigenous and holistic principles & practices of wellness through education, farming and sustainable agriculture to promote health in our communities. We are an inclusive birth-justice focused organization with specific focus to women of color because of the high mortality rates experienced in this country. Through our online Birthworking Program we train women who desire to answer their calling in this craft with the information and confidence needed to assist pregnant mothers thus creating positive and successful birth outcomes.


I am a Traditional Midwife, Doula/Birthworker - meaning I support Mommy's with the information, techniques and guidance to have a positive, natural and holistic pregnancy and ecstatic birth. I continue my studies with the instruction of Dr. Ameena Ali of "A Mother's Peace" Midwifery School. In essence, I have been a Doula for many years, even before my formal training as I supported mothers through their pregnancy & birthing experience. I have always loved motherhood with all the challenges and triumphs that parenting brings. It is my knowing that WOMBen when giving birth are creating a world of Starseed Worldchangers and to achieve that we must be healthy in Our Own Wombs, Minds and Bodies. My love for Love, Babies and all that comes with pregnancy and postpartum is what drew me to studying anatomy & physiology and the many facets of the woman's body as it relates to birthing. 

As a Yoni Steam Practitioner - YSP MAATI Priestess, I assist Womben with release work addressing past womb trauma - "Generational Womb Trauma" and feminine and sexually related issues with supporting the rediscovery of their Divine Womb Power. We discover her strengths together through detoxification, affirmations virtue discovery, raising a goddess altar, Yoni Steaming and so much more. 

Yoni Steaming is a ancient healing hydrotherapy containing a multitude of healing benefits that meet women's needs spiritually, physically and psychologically. Yoni Steaming is encouraged to be included in Our monthly regimen to maintain a balanced and disease free uterus/womb.


I am a Master Kemetic Reiki Energy Healer through RA SEKHI Healing Arts. Temple I am a continuing student of A Mother's Peace Midwifery School. I attended Ubuntu Wellness Academy receiving my Birth worker certification. Presently, I am a Senior Childbirth Instructor sharing my knowledge to women who desire to pursue their calling in birth work. I am a MAATI Priestess and Womb Yoga Instructor through The Yoni Steam Institute. For 12 years I served as a parenting and prenatal instructor for persons with developmental disabilities in the Los Angeles.

Starlilly is proud to service disadvantaged & rural communities with Lay Midwifery and Doula Support Services.

Please visit our "Doula Love" page for more information regarding registration for online Doula Career training's with Ubuntu Wellness Academy.

Love offerings and donations to our ministries to building our birthing center are appreciated and accepted!

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