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The Menarche Ceremony

The Menarche Ceremony is Our daughters time to listen, learn, & inner-stand her divine power connecting and grounding her in her feminine energy.

Menarche is defined as the first occurrence of menstruation.

She is exposed to a series of events that will serve her for the rest of her life which can also be referred to as a

'Rites of Passage' or 'Permission to Pass' by those highly regarded ones, i.e., Elders chosen in the Family to participate. 

What to Expect:

Your Daughter will learn love of self, self-respect, the 7 Virtues of NTR MAAT, about their Moon Cycle, self discipline, confidence, individuality and a deeper awareness of self. Our girls and young women through the ages of 9-18 usually participate in this particular 'journey work'. As we see in our communities that this type of program is needed so much! We cannot forget the girl within! Remember we were all girls at one time and this program is beneficial to Our Mothers & Grandmothers too, because it gives us all a chance to reflect, re-connect and settle issues we may have experienced in the past to 'set our daughters free' from the re-encyclement of Generational Womb Trauma. Another reason why

this program is necessary is because of the effect that WOMB TRAUMA has had on Our Mothers, Grandmothers, their Mothers and so on........Sharing our experiences weaves the colorful fabric to Our Families Quilt..........Healing Our Generations to come.

For to heal a Generation it must be done through the Womb!


.........and so it is.

Order of Journey Work:

Daughter will receive a beautiful curriculum resource handbook including the following information:



Intelligence & Emotions

How my body works - 7 Chakras - Anatomy & Physiology of the Womb, Endocrine System,

How does or will my Cycle Work

Care before & during my Cycle

My Sacredness





Imagination - Creativity - Defining Purpose

Creative Activities

Caring for Self

Unselfish acts


Building an Altar

Stringing Flowers

Spiritual Bath

Feet Washing 

Order of 8 Bowl Ceremony

Stringing Flowers

Spiritual Bath

Feet Washing


Tasting & Explanation

Wisdom Bestowing

Giving of Gifts



Registration must be made 21 days in advance to properly prepare for the ceremony. Please explain your vision as far as setting, food, music. A list of materials will be sent to the primary planner of the 'Journey Work' event & actual ceremony to purchase items and that is why we need at least 21 to 30 days to order special items for the event. For additional questions and concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

~Sis Nova

See 'Menarch Ceremony' to purchase the program for your Beloved. <3

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