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Reiki Balancing Before Conception

As a Kemetic Reiki Practioner I combine Energy Healing and Balancing with my Moms and Dads mostly during the pregnancy.  I haven't had a person yet come to me to ask for Energy Balancing prior to conception or even fertility but I invision with the shift that is taking place energetically and spiritually I will have more parents who seek this natural attunement.  This was a thoughtful article concerning preparation and I felt it most appropriate to cast upon the archieve of information here.



Benefits of Reiki during Pregnancy:


Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support to the pregnant woman.

Reiki creates a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship between the mother and the child.

Reiki is practiced in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea in the pregnant woman.

It also brings relief to every part of a stretched and aching body of the woman.

It also reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep.

Reiki is done to restore the balance and health to the pregnant mother.

Reiki used during labor stage has been shown to control and lessen pain to a greater extent.

Reiki makes delivery easier.

Mothers who have had previous c-sections and receive Reiki in later pregnancies can expect lesser need for cesarean surgeries in the second time.

Mothers who use Reiki during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and vise versa.

After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used in the delivery room it makes an easier transition for the baby.

Reiki also helps to come out of the fears related to pregnancy and delivery. It soothes a woman who feels invaded and impatient to give birth.

Reiki has the power to make a baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb, and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.

Reiki provides a unique opportunity, for the father-to-be as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.

It also helps in building a strong and spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby, before this tiny new being enters the world.

If you are attuned, you can give your baby Reiki whenever you hold and nurse it after birth.

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