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Our Powerful Glands!

Mommy's please read.  Great cleanse before you become pregnant so everything from deep within is clear, light and free!  Love

My last reminder on how important the glands are brings me to the next point. We are approaching the Spring Solstice March 21st and this typically means for me that its clearing time of my body and mind with more raw foods, meditation,pampering, baths, journaling, study and deeper self reflection. We should understand how important our temples functioning properly mean existing here on the planet. For Women who are already Mothers or are planning to become pregnant I would definitely suggest that you begin your clearing process during this upcoming Solstice.



The night before Gland Cleanse----

Take detox tea, (I use either Yogi or Traditional Medicinal detox teas) 1 gentle herbal laxative like cascara sagrada or Dr. Goss "New Body" products.


Depending on the season you can drink watermelon juice only. Drink throughout day to speed alkaline effects in your body. No watermelon?


Then try.....


Upon rising, take a whole lemon in water 1 tsp raw honey


Breakfast---carrot juice with 1 tbsp green superfood


Mid Morning---take carrot or mixed veggie drink (add dulse or kelp flakes to veggie drink).


Lunch---bowl of miso soup, sprinkle dulse (& nutritional yeast if desired).


Mid Afternoon---mixed veggie juice


Dinner---Potassium Broth, (see colonic cleanse for recipe).


Before Bed---have apple/pineapple or papaya juice and blend a fig if you have one.


***Make sure you are at home when you cleanse starting over a weekend so you can be in the comfort of your own space to release waste & rest when needed. Try this for 4 days and increase each time you do it up to 7 days. Get your vitamin C in and your Omegas. Enemas are good too as long as you administer them every other day of your cleanse.


MUST drink 8 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration

you will want to walk for 20 minutes daily

brush your skin to release skin toxins

receive back massage lower back and top of feet for 20 minutes

take spiritual baths in 3-4 drops lemon oil and 2 drops geranium with 2 cups epson salts 2 cups dead sea salts & 1/4 cup baking soda. Or add 2 drops of majoram, lavender, bergamont, chamomile oils and 1 drop ylang ylang oil. Set intention for your bath as you add your oils. What do you want to see for yourself after the bath? Healthy, Healed, Whole, No tension, Anxiety, Disease free, etc. Speak your healing for yourself!!!


Visualize your glandular detox happening. See your glands free from blockage, stress and disease. See your body energized, motivated, clear and charged!


Introducing solid foods back into your body you want to eat a salad, squash and red onion, a little quinoa, raisins, pumpkin, sesame seeds, dark fruits, sea veggies, moss, bladderwrack, dulce. Continue with fresh juices and smoothies now. Start back eating gradually so you won't shock your body cause remember you just cleaned it out! : )

Start with what you can and do the best with what you have and incorporate more as you go along.


Contact me for support whenever you need to, I'm learning and doing right along with you. I am also a produce purveyor, Our Farm is in Bloomington, CA so in the event you'd like to order a produce box and have it delivered to you just let me know.



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