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Mommy's Planning to Breastfeed Please Read

The Mammary Glands are profound. Glands period are. When I look at my breasts I see life giving, nurturing parts of the whole that supported someones beginning. Breastfeeding Mommy's should read this especially. It is our duty to protect them as it is all the rest of us while we are here.

Will it forth & it will be.


From my readings on our glands I've found that Our glands work at our body's deepest level. Glands are embedded throughout the body. Every biochemical reaction flows with the glands and is said to be a key to our health as we move through this experience.


Exocrine Glands

exocirine are regulated by the hypothalamus just as the salivary & MAMMARYS. Mommy's read this!!! They secrete fluids through ducts. endocrine, pituitary, pineal and ovaries emit their secretions, mostly hormones into Our bloodstream and lymph system.


exocrine system chemical messengers are hormones who communicate and have a serious effect on both glands.


Hormones affect Our moods, Energy levels, Mental alertness, & Metabolism. The secretions of Our glands like:



thyroid hormones

are extra-ordinarily affected by deficiencies like in minerals & on every level thinkable from environment, foods & poor nutrition, pollutants, etc.


Lastly, adrenals get stressed out too. So let us learn what we can regarding our adrenals and how to better support and assist them while we are here.


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