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Healing Properties of Yemoja

Yemoja! Give thanks for Our Ocean as she provides thousands of healing cures for us. Take a look at this information and see how that short trip to the beach may help you!  Powerful Vaginal Balancer does her waters contain!


All Respect to the Great Mother Healer Yemoja! Any testimonies? I have one. My SUN Zeru has chronic eczema and we know a lot of it has to do with what he eats but even then when we are strict with his dietary intake of yeasty breads and sugars he still flares from what we think to be pollen and allergen microbes in our atmosphere. All I have to do is take him to the beach and let him swim for a while and he clears up. Cause when you think about it, the water is coming through his nose and he is swallowing bits as well. Since he was a toddler he would automatically off the top be drawn to and eat sea weed bulbs from off the shore. My intuition tells me that was and is to satisfy his iodine intake and balance any overage of yeast in his body.


So imagine the power of sea water ingested to clear vaginal infections?


How has Yemoja helped you and if you haven't had any experiences then do you plan to create some?

See the this link to learn more of the treasures she contains....


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