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Daddy's Take on Birthing

I thought the Brothas responses were so precious I had to do as I said and post them. I entitled this blog entry, "Daddy's Take" because when it comes to pregnancy and the birthing process, soon-to-be Dads or experienced Daddy's seem not to receive the attention, love and light that they deserve. Especially the true Brothas who are involved, in tuned or showing growth in the area of a Warrior nurturing and responding to his Goddess. 

I conducted a study earlier in the year asking Men I Respect in the Community their view on the importance of Home Birth; are they comfortable with the birthing process and what is their perspective of the womb and the protection of the womb. 

One of my good Brothas response went this way....

Ques1 "I feel there are many benefits from birthing at home in comparison to tha horspitals. First off, they wanna cut first and ask questions last and the bright lights are a negative; some stranger making first contact with the baby....I could go on, and I most definitely see more pros than cons of birthing at home".  Ques2 "I'm comfortable with the birthing process my firstborn was a natural delivery and although in the horspital my queen rejected and medication or drugs and I was comfortable being apart of it".  Ques3 Yes, "I feel i am a protector of the sacred womb especially nowadays being that we are at war and to be honest who can you trust? Things involving this to me is not allowing my daughters as best as possible to not carry a bunch of books in their bookbags becuase I know it places stress on their wombs/ Also it is important to not put a lot of stress and strain on the mother-to- be but, also having a exercise regimen in place for mom so she strengthens herself for the whole process. I know diet is important when bringin these divine beings through the womb portal.

Nova, I hope this helps in your production of your book peace and blessings".

Thanks Bro PB your respose resonated with me deeply. 

Thanks Bro JL! Mighty words of wisdom here. 

"I reverence the womb. I believe it is the physical workshop of God. As I enter the sexual act with intention, my thoughts are inspired by the ultimate desire to push my genetic material into the future. I, by the grace of THE God, am allowed to use the workshop. The workman does not leave the mission of building undone. He sees this creation through, with the original intent, to its eventual perfection. The home birth is optimal because you are introducing the new life into its place of eventual rulership. If you produce a king or queen they should have a castle to rule. I would love the entire family to be at least in the home while the thought is born from the spiritual into the physical world." "PEACE!"

"Benefits of home birth: opinion surronuded by mostly familiar energy. Less shock and awe on the soul that is entering. Assuming the umbilical cord would not be clipped. No blinding lights on the new being. Possibly less throat chakra "abuse" from screaming, and crying from all of the aforementioned. I feel child birth is a wonder filled experience, and wonderful too. I would love to be present, and supportive of my partner, and our new being honoring a covenant. I think a woman is the protector of her vagina. Trust her own instincts, intuition, and mind. If not, then keep him/them out of it.

Good points! I feel the seriousness within your thoughts. Thanks Bro EI

"I feel that u should protect the woman at all costs. If she truly ur woman there's no to put her at risk cause u trying to do extra out there. The last thing u wanna do is pass something onto her that would cause physical harm to her. That not only will damage her physically, it will damage her mentally as well." " To avoid that, keep it 100..."

Well said Warrior Bro SW and we give thanks!

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