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Autoimmune Disease Information


Great text I found that I plan to purchase really soon concerning autoimmune diseases and cures. Just finished my daily discussion at school concerning the topic and how I was able to treat a baby in my Family with Colloidal Silver as she presented with 102 temperature and some condition that was new to me called, "Mouth, Hands & Feet Virus". Needless to say after administering what I did for the few days she was with me she went home healthy. So, I encourage my parents/Mommy's & Daddy's to invest in this book to learn more about autoimmune diseases in concern of my StarLilly Birthing Families as well as my Sistars who receive service from me with Yoni Steaming. There are conditions that Our Yoni's deal with that fall right into the category and just one teaspoon under the tongue holding for 30 seconds can help raise Our immunity and guard against the unnecessary.



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