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Starlilly Yoni Steam  &  Feminine  Wellness  Retreat  Spa  Ministrie

Specializing in Pregnancy & Childbirth Support Services                                          Call for Womb Consultation or Birth Support  (978) 999-2416       




Herbal Yoni Steams contain many benefits for the female reproductive system. Statistics show us the number of Hysterectomies performed in this country per year. The numbers are appalling and to know that some of those women within those statistics they are women in my own family who have relinquished their wombs/uterus because they lacked the information to Heal naturally.

Women draw everything into our wombs and minds. All our experiences affect us deeply whether we admit it or not ot conscious of it or not. Negative issues in our lives cause and result in what is referred to as "Womb Trauma" which we expound on intensely in Level 1 & 2 Trainings. 

Herbal Yoni Steam can be traced back as far as Ancient Kemet where Our ANKHestors/Ancestors cleansed sacredly using gum pots of myrrh and frankicense. It is Our indigenous Cultural Birthright that is ULTIMATELY intended to be utilized to HEAL Our PLANET. Once our Women are healed, are menfolk will heal and the World Family will Heal. Asé

Herbal Steaming Benefits:

Improves Dryness

Balances Hormones

Expels Parasites

Tones and Strengthens Vaginal walls & ligaments

Relieves Stress & Tension

Shrinks Fibroids

Increases Circulation to the Uterus

Heals Generational Womb Trauma

and more.......

Book your appointment today beginning with a Womb Consultation with Starlilly. Womb Consultations can be purchased here in our Web Store for $50.00. Womb Consultations allow the Practitioner deeper insight into the clients womb and gives us the opportunity to make a precise herbal blend suited to your individual womb condition and concerns.

First 3 Steaming Experiences are priced at $85.00 which includes and Womb Reiki Energy Clearing & Attunement, Womb Healing Affirmations & Womb Herbal Tea. Once the client shows commitment to maintain healthy regimens then the price is $65.00. Womb healing is a commitment to Self first and foremost. 

Check our 2018 Level 1 "Self Care Training Awakening the Goddess Within" Online and Retreat Trainings. Have a group of 5 or more women who would like to experience the Yoni Steam Training Retreat in person? See our upcoming schedules on our home page! Bring us to your town and experience the newness, release and true Sistahood that the retreats energy cultivates.

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