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Starlilly Feminine  Wellness  & BIRTHING SERVICES MINISTRIES 

Specializing in Pregnancy, Childbirth & Feminine Wellness Support Services Since 2013 
                                                                                                                                   Call for Womb Consultation or Birth Support  (978) 999-2416



We welcome your reviews as they serve as reflections of our service keeping us in alignment with our purpose while teaching us where we need to improve and develop. 

Your feedback is appreciated!

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Reply Latisha Dorton
8:21 PM on December 4, 2020 
I don't even know where to begin?? Sister Nova is, just that. She's a big sis to me. I took her level 1 self-care certification course. The whole experience was beautiful. I am soo looking forward to her level 2 training. As soon as I get my hours out the way, I'll be in the level 2. I would definitely recommend this program for any who is looking to gain knowledge for professional reasons and/or just to gain knowledge of the path to womb-welness. I love Sis Nova. I promise you'll see me soon, if the Universe approves?????????????? Peace!!!
Reply Leslie T
3:25 AM on November 16, 2020 
I have bought the Thunderbird tea on 3 different occasions for myself and loved ones who were fighting through COVID19. All have recovered while using the thunderbird tea 3-4xs per day. I have severe breathing and allergy issues, I’ve been drinking the tea nightly and have improved my breathing as well. Nova’s compassion and healing intent and herbs will definitely make me a life long customer. Thank you !
Reply Elizabeth N
2:27 PM on November 6, 2020 

I connected with Nova to learn about Yoni Steaming to help with my cycle irregularities. She described exactly what I was seeking, not just a steam but a holistic approach to connecting with my womb. She had the options of just doing a steam or the recommended method of first having an initial consultation to discuss my “womb story” which would better help her tailor the herbs she would be using for the steam and make it a very personalized steam session. We had the call and her positive energy radiated, she also was very encouraging and empowering with regard to owning my womb health and healing journey so even by the end of the call I was feeling very hopeful. I went to my first Yoni session where she had beautiful gowns to wear, and she set a soothing ambiance. She encouraged me to just tap in and meditate about the things I desired to “birth” in my future and so along with the soothing steam I was helped in guiding my mental and spiritual space as well. 2 weeks later I finally had a real menstrual bleed which I was excited for. She also offered advice (nutrition) that would complement my overall vaginal healing and maintenance. I’m extremely happy with my decision to work with Nova and also gaining a sister. She is caring, empathetic, highly insightful, and passionate about serving sisterhood. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is considering having her as a resource in their womb journey.

Reply Kiana
2:40 PM on October 20, 2020 

Nova helped to make the birth of my son a truly sacred, gentle, and empowering experience. Being pregnant and giving birth for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic was especially challenging, but she was there with love, support, and suggestions for me and my husnand throughout the entire process. When the time came to give birth, Nova supported us through labor with her beautiful and calm energy. She encouraged me to embrace my divine feminine power, and I felt compltely surrounded by that love as my baby came into the world. We are so grateful to have had a smooth, quick, and nautral waterbirth. My husband really appreciated being able to call on her wisdom and friendship too. Our family is thriving and we are forever grateful to Mama Nova for showering us with her love and care during this special time.

Reply Ka Bahati
5:10 PM on October 9, 2020 
Nova is a Godsent! She came through to assist in my womb care. I was experiencing heavy bleeding and fatigue. Nova came through and guided me towards what i needed to be nursed back to health from afar. Although she could not be with me physically she was with me every step of the way. I am forever grateful for Nova interceding. Her innerstanding, intuition, passion, and Love is what is needed more of.
Reply Roxana Karina Cadena
7:16 PM on March 17, 2020 

Nova is a passionate, genuine, powerful woman. It is an honor that my first yoni steam was with her. I appreciate the attention, support, and keen observation she offered. I first called her with a million questions and she answered them all with care. I kept getting the chills when we were on the phone. She provided mobile services and came to my home, which I think is a really safe feeling to have someone come to your home. We did a womb consultation and it was unlike any other consultation I've ever received before. Our conversation felt like a flower growing, you know slow and real. I recommend her with my full heart. Las Vegas is super lucky to have Nova here. Thank you!

Reply Leigh
6:44 PM on January 26, 2020 
Words canâ??t express how amazing sister Nova is. She made everything so comfortable and truly got to know my situation. She too lots of time to get to know me and what she could do to help. Feels like Iâ??ve known sister nova for a lifetime. My steam experience was amazing and I canâ??t wait to have her as my doula.
Reply novakafele
2:46 PM on October 21, 2019 
Neffera says...
This was one of the most amazing healing experiences I have ever encountered. Sis Nova is a very warm beautiful spirit that made me comfortable through the whole process. While working with me I felt a total calm and relaxation. My steam was comfortable in a clean safe environment I didn?t feel like I was just another client she?s very personable and very supportive. When the experience was done I felt immediate relief. I look forward to my next visit and I look forward to sharing my experience with others. Thank you Sis Nova you are a Rare Divine Jewel and Goddess❤️
We are going all the way Sis! ~Rational thought use and meeting our objectives and purposes. I appreciate you traveling the distance you did for our exchange. You were just as healing to me and our family. Appreciate you always Beloved!
Reply novakafele
2:43 PM on October 21, 2019 

ZePaul Thomas says...
Sistar Nova has taught me in the Great Ancient tools of the Dogon that has helped me to increase my focus and concentration. She has given me knowledge and tools to balance my left and right brain. I am truly grateful for her in my journey of health.

Thank you for your positive feedback, this is only the beginning! Appreciate you!

Reply ZePaul Thomas
5:14 PM on October 20, 2019 
Sistar Nova has taught me in the Great Ancient tools of the Dogon that has helped me to increase my focus and concentration. She has given me knowledge and tools to balance my left and right brain. I am truly grateful for her in my journey of health.